Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cloud Head- alive and well!

Hey y'all.  I know that some of you were peeps of mine back on DeviantART, so some of you are aware of the story I've been crafting for the last four years or so, Cloud Head.  It's an ever-evolving concept in my head, which is slowly congealing into something very promising.  Though it has gone dormant at times, Cloud Head is currently more alive and well than ever.  Recently I went on a personal campaign to draw each of my core characters without hair, so that each would be unique, instead of being defined by their hair style or clothing.  This is what came of it.  I know one -vital- character is missing, but I am taking special care to draw her exactly as I see her.  Some of the characters here are also new, as this is my first time drawing them.  I'll list them below.
Long live Cloud Head!
Tier 1: Rhoana, Cristoforo, Icarus
Tier 2: Nhaome, Kheeva, Tallyn
Tier 3: (Livien), Aurylia, Ravinder
Tier 4: Janai, Ellis, Penn


  1. I am absolutely in love with the varying facial features... but I would like to point out that they all have the basic face shape. Strong prominent chins, defined cheekbones, and relatively square jaws.