Thursday, January 27, 2011

Welcome to Habitum Clavis

For many years now, I have used the alias WieldtheKey for many sites. As time has passed and I have grown, the concept of keys has become an integral part of my life.

I have been asked the meaning of wield the key at times since its use began, and my answer has always remained the same:

In our lives, the key represents those things which free us (even momentarily) from the curse of this mortal world. As humans, we withstand a great deal of suffering and hardship.  Despite one's origins, upbringing, or living situation, each and every human being who has ever existed or will exist experiences the challenges that mortality and the curse of this world bring.  Each of us must strive to find the keys to the locks which bind our lives to suffering.  A key can be anything.  Anything that sets you free.

The intention of this blog is to describe to viewers one of the most significant keys in my life: Travel.  As of early June 2011, I will be embarking on a journey to Italy and Paris with my beloved Erik in order to seek the history and true beauty of this world. In this blog I will be describing my methods and processes for accomplishing this goal, so that others may realize that it is possible.

Is quisnam habitum clavis habitum vox. 
He who holds the keys holds the power.